This homophobic tweet got the perfect takedown and it’s definitely worth tuning in for

Leading contender for takedown of the week goes to this, shared by the reliably fabulous beerbellybegone over on Reddit.

It was prompted by this homophobic tweet about ‘too much homosexuality on TV’ and, well, best have a read for yourself.


‘Man do I love people like this. A quick comment like “If your heterosexuality is so fragile that watching gay stuff makes you gay, then I don’t think you’re straight in the first place” will blow their fucking minds.’

‘Why is she saying they will depopulate the earth like it’s a bad thing? Please keep depopulating the earth, maybe I will be able to afford a house with demand running dry.’

‘Apparently heterosexuality is so fragile and unnatural that it can be destroyed by simple exposure to other sexualities.’


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Source Reddit u/beerbellybegone Image Pixabay