Jonathan Van-Tam’s comedy intro was made so much better by the crowd’s stunned response

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam has become a familiar face to millions of people after appearing alongside Boris Johnson and the like at the government’s Covid 19 press conferences.

But viewers saw a different side to the good prof after he took part in this year’s Royal Institution Christmas Lectures broadcast on the BBC.

Specifically, this bit, the comedy introduction where he references all those press conferences and, well, best have a watch for yourself.

We’re not sure which bit we like best.

The bit where someone came up with this idea in the first place. Maybe his seemingly anxious glances to the side before it all kicks off. Or maybe the stunned silence which greets the whole thing.

Tough crowd.

And if the whole thing reminded you of one person in particular, you weren’t alone. Of course you weren’t.

And you can watch the entire lecture over on BBC iPlayer here.


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