The way this musician dealt with a scrounging influencer is a thing of beauty

This self-described influencer’s attempt to get free music for their wedding didn’t go down like they’d hoped. Singer-songwriter Jamie Mathias – @JamieMathias – shared what happened.

Quite simply a masterclass in handling entitled scroungers.

Reddit users had some thoughts on the choosing beggar and Jamie’s expert handling of the request.

When he said “if you’re free”, he wasn’t talking about availability lol.

I’m sure they’re paying their caterer via Instagram shoutouts as well.

Dude nailed it at the end.

Why would someone want to give away their services to a tightass for free in order to advertise the fact that they do free work to a hundred other tightasses?

No one good will do it for free so they’ll have a very mediocre wedding.

The occasional benefit fundraiser gig? Sure, I love doing those. A destination wedding for a couple of self-important narcissists and their closest associates? Get fucked.

They should have created a cryptocurrency called “exposure”.

When Jamie shared the story on Twitter, it got people’s hackles up there, too.

Back on Reddit, someone named u/Dirk99Pitt coined a brand new – and pretty topical – word in honour of the occasion.

Influenceza – a disease brought on by delusional self importance infecting narcissistic no-talent idiots who say “bro” quite often.

Paging Susie Dent.

You can find links to Jamie’s new song, Control, here, or follow him on Instagram or Facebook.


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