Brian Cox replied to this Viz letter about the Tardis and it had people laughing in space and time

It’s always a source of joy when a famous name takes time out to respond to a reader’s letter in Viz.

There was that time when historian and TV presenter Lucy Worsley spotted this letter by ‘Lucy Worsley’ and did this.

Now Professor Brian Cox has replied to a letter which didn’t mention him by name but did touch on one of his TV favourites. Okay, so two celebrities isn’t exactly a trend but stick with us. Here’s the letter.


And this is what the good prof had to say.

Thank you for that important clarification.

And while we’re here, we also liked this, in response to a question about those Tory MPs demanding a nightly national anthem on the BBC.

And it would be remiss not to include this.

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Newsnight had the best response to Tory MPs who want the BBC to play a nightly national anthem

Source Twitter @ProfBrianCox