The epic takedown of this anti-vaxxer has given us a new favourite insult

You will probably have seen the clip of Telediario host Leonardo Schwebel, who went viral after telling anti-vaxxers exactly what he thought of them. If not, here’s what happened.

He became an instant hero to a lot of people, but obviously not to antivaxxers. One of them took time out of their busy schedule of googling “Can drinking urine cure Covid?” to react to the clip

Standard anti-vax fare. This response was far better than standard. It was an epic takedown.

As if by magic ‘An imbecile sapling deeply rooted in stupid soil.‘ became our favourite putdown.

It looks like this lot reallly enjoyed it, too.

I watched a very good video about how electricity actually works. I still don’t understand it fully, but I’m not going back to the stone age just because there are people in society who are far smarter than me with specialised skills I cannot comprehend.

I haven’t seen a justifiable homicide that brutal in quite a while. Love it!

An imbecile sapling deeply rooted in stupid soil.

This is the best insult I have ever heard.

Someone get the Nobel Prize for Burns Council on the phone, stat.

We reckon u/Bombsawayboy’s analogy works beautifully.

Ah yes, the classic 3-stooges double slap.

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This Mexican news presenter didn’t pull any punches in his NSFW message to anti-vaxxers

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