‘Get in the hammock, dummy!’

First in an occasional series, funny rat video of the week goes to this, posted by @mientjemuis over on TikTok.

@mientjemuis She wants her babies in the hammock 😂 #ratsoftiktok #petratsoftiktok #rats #petrat #cute #babies ♬ original sound – Mientje 🐭

Just in case that’s tricky to watch, here it is again, shared by druule10 on Reddit.

And here are our favourite things people were saying about it

‘Moooom, but I’m in the hammock!

‘I. Said. Get. In. Here!’

‘That was so aggressive! I love it.’

‘I love that she had a moment of “where the fuck did he go?!”

‘How the hell did you get outside again?

‘Mom, I’m already ins-


‘Slapstick gold to me.’

But as lots of people pointed out, what the parent rat was doing makes perfect sense. It just doesn’t look like it at first glance …

‘Man a lot of genius humans with the audacity to call this rat stupid when they’re missing the very clear fact her babies are ON the hammock and she wants them IN it, between the layers. Jokes on you guys. DuMb RaT!’


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Source TikTok @mientjemuis H/T Reddit u/druule10