This double takedown of a bigoted gamer who doesn’t like Black History Month scored maximum points

People have been enjoying this double takedown of a bigoted gamer who’s not happy with the attention being given to Black History Month (which is in February in the US unlike in the UK where it’s in October).

We should point out it’s not actually the official Xbox and PlayStation accounts but it’s still very funny and we like to think Seth was none the wiser.


‘That’s Ben Palmer’s work. He creates clone accounts of brands and trolls people with them. My favorite is when he joined a bunch of anti-vax FB groups and changed his name and profile pic to Measles.’

‘Figured it wasn’t the real PS and Xbox account since it didn’t have the checkmark next to the usernames on the comments. Still funny.’

‘Something tells me Seth doesn’t know that.’

‘Hahahaha!!!! This is fucking great. Just stop Seth.’


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Source Reddit u/Rfl0