This reporter being interrupted by his mum is a lovely, funny watch

Here’s a moment to take just a little bit of the edge off everything else that’s going on right now, a clip of a reporter being interrupted by this mum that’s gone wildly viral because, well, watch.

Very funny and utterly lovely stuff. And here are just a few of the things people were saying about it.

‘I love how she’s so excited to see her Son and the camera man. It’s a short, super sweet moment!’

‘When I first saw my son working the register at the local supermarket, I felt like I would explode.’

‘The initial look he gives is so genuine, he might as well be ten and his mom’s blowing him kisses in front of his friends. 🤣’

‘He looked so serious when he said “this my mom.” She broke his zone!’

‘Lmao my mom would take any opportunity to do the same thing and go “that’s my kid, working a job! You work that job! 🙋‍♀️📣🎉”

‘Like i could be flipping a burger or about to go to space. The energy would still be way too much, but hey, it’s funny everytime tbh lmao

“A mother embarrasses her son while causing chaos at an intersection. We’ll tell you all about it tonight at 11.”


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Source Reddit u/bendubberley_