Now this is what to do when someone keeps stealing your food at work

It turns out revenge is a dish best served hot after this person dialled it all the way up to 11 after someone kept stealing their food at work.

The video was shared by Redditor Catfish-Bandit and has just gone viral because, well, watch (sound up!)

Oof. They won’t be doing that again.

‘God I hate people like that. Hope they choke on it. Oh wait they did LMAO.’

‘Who TF thinks it’s ok to eat other people’s food at work? Have to be some entitled sociopath.’

‘My dad grows these and similar peppers every year. One year my little brother took them to school with him and told other high schoolers that they were the world’s hottest pepper and some idiot took it as a challenge.

‘I guess the kid took a bite of the entire pepper, tried to steal milk, had to go to the nurses office, my brother was sent to the principal, and peppers were banned.’


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Source Reddit u/Catfish-Bandit