This cheesy moment between Sylvester Stallone and Muhammad Ali is how Oscars night should be

This clip of Muhammad Ali giving Sylvester Stallone a taste of reality – sort of – at the 1977 Oscars is 85 seconds of cheesy joy.

I’m the real Apollo Creed. You stole my script.

The pair had teamed up to present the Best Supporting Actress award to Beatrice Straight for the classic film, Network, but Stallone was right when he said he’d won by standing next to a legend.

u/Swerwin‘s post brought some cheer to a lot of people’s days.

Both of them had such an impact on the public view of boxing. It’s amazing to see them be such good sports interacting.

He’s definitely winning in terms of those lapels.

Seeing things like this is a friendly reminder that people can be wonderful to each other <3

This was cute and heartwarming.

I think Muhammad Ali would have killed Stallone if he really hit him.

What a gracious and humble moment.

u/panadwithonesugar made a good point.

Thank goodness Stallone didn’t joke about Ali’s wife

We doubt he’d dare.


How Arnold Schwarzenegger tricked Sly Stallone into Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot is epic trolling of the highest order

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