A restaurant owner had the best response to this wasteful customer’s terrible review

A dissatisfied customer of Panda Buffet in Denver, Colorado, got the response she may not have wanted but definitely deserved, when she left an unfairly poor review for the business.

Here’s what she had to say about her visit.

The owner remembered her and filled in some details she probably wouldn’t want people to learn.

Reddit users weren’t impressed by her, either.

She’s a waste of oxygen, too.

It’s all you can “eat”, not what you can fit on your plate just cuz….

I honestly hate people like that at all you can eat places. You find something you like and they’ve emptied the dish and don’t want it after one taste.

The main fun thing about a buffet is eating 8 different small portions. I’ll never get “my money’s worth” at an all you can eat place, but I can try a dozen different things that night.

Would love to see the video the husband took. lmao.

Owner was far more polite and rational than I would have been.

Perhaps they should put up a sign like this –

When I visited Korea years ago for the first time I visited all the typical touristy spots. Every single buffet I went to (even the one at my hotel) had signs posted that said something along the lines of, “All you can eat does not mean all you can waste.” Wise words to live by.

Or better still –

I went to a Japanese all you can eat in Singapore. It was fixed price BUT they weighed anything on your plate you didn’t eat and charged extra per 100g of waste. Seemed to stop the “all you can waste” crowd.

Sounds like Asia has met her sort before.

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