There’s something unexpectedly entertaining about this viral clip of Irish people trying American accents

TikToker Noel Doherty also goes by the name of Noel B. Askin when he’s interviewing people for his funny videos – we see what he did there.

With that hair and that name, we’re guessing he might have taken the opportunity of attending a family wedding to make this recent video – which has gone viral.

Watch what happened when Noel asked a load of Irish people to try an American accent – with varying degrees of success.

@noelb.askin i asked a ton of irish people (none of whom are youtubers) to do an american accent! #irishaccent #americanaccent #ireland #accent ♬ original sound – Noel B Askin'

Who knew that a bunch of Irish people trying to sound American would be so entertaining? It found its way to Twitter, where it got plenty of love.

We’ll leave this here.

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