This American parent demanding a teacher carries a gun will have you facepalming into next week

In the wake of the latest horrific school massacre in the US, the hugely influential gun lobby continues to resist stricter firearm controls.

Lots of people suggest the only way to solve the gun problem is to have more guns, specifically, teachers with guns.

And this professor who became involved in an exchange with a parent on Facebook gave surely the only answer you need.

And this exchange becomes even more depressing when you realise it’s from four years ago.

‘One of the most toxic parts of American gun culture is that we’re OK with preparing our children to enter a combat scenario when sending them to school.

‘None of this is normal.’

‘It’s really weird as someone outside of America to see just how many of you folks think the best possible solution for shootings is to just hope that when a shooter starts shooting there’s another shooter there to shoot the shooter.’

‘What’s insane is that this is even a conversation being had between a teacher and a parent in the US.’


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Source Reddit u/iamjones