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Comeback of the Day

A reddit user named u/metrochurch has shared this screenshot of a spectacular self-own out in the wild.

Exactly why it was a self-own was captured in this response.

These comments captured the mood.

Can confirm. My dad never taught me to drive a stick. He had the opportunity but was too angry that I didn’t immediately get it.

Because Boomer mentality.

Person A doesn’t seem to remember that they can’t do most of the things THEIR parents did either. Every generation loses stuff from the past but learns stuff that past generations can’t even imagine. Life moves forward.

Ok cool. Well stop asking me basic ass questions about technology. It’s not my fault you can’t work an iPhone.

Why be smug about crippling the generation that will keep you alive? Idiots!

If we all just switched to metric we could also cripple an entire generation.

Good ol’ case of “I have a skill that’s useless so I’m going to create a scenario in my head where it’s useful.”

Old fart here— current generations are doing just fine. My generation gave you a shit world and future and the least we could do is stop talking crap.

DenL4242 had a very feasible theory about what would happen if they did introduce cursive and manual-only cars.

If they did this, younger people would learn cursive and how to drive stick. Young people learn things.

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The classic ‘Class System’ sketch works perfectly for the generation gap

Source r/CleverComebacks Image r/CleverComebacks, Amanda J Truscott on Pixabay