Will the detective investigating your murder be sad? This map has the answer

A spillover from Reddit to Twitter recently threatened to shred Sweden’s reputation for having its shit together, when there were some pretty serious allegations about its hospitality.

The resulting furore – both from people sharing ‘stingy Sweden’ stories and its defenders – was hashtagged Swedengate, of course, and raged for days.

Almost inevitably, someone soon made a map, supposedly showing where to go to get fed as a guest,

Absolute mayhem – and that’s just the location of Iceland.

It seemed that the map’s creator had planned it out with their eyes closed and a pin, leaving Redditors from every maligned region jumping into the comments to defend their areas’ reputations.

In Bosnia, when you have casual or unannounced guests, you serve them what you have. If it’s beans from 2 days ago, well, no one minds. If you go to someone as a guest, you are never supposed to go empty handed.

This map I think might be bs. In England you literally always get tea and biscuits. If I didn’t how else am I going to judge the person?

I’m Swedish and I can’t imagine not offering food to a guest. This map is ridiculous.

What is this even based on? I’m from Iceland and can’t imagine not offering something to a guest, or also not being offered something as a guest myself.

In Austria. The only situation I see in which you might not be offered anything is if you’re only at someone’s house to pick them up/meet there to go somewhere else.

Less controversial, certainly for Swedes, and a lot funnier was this adaptation of the map by the very funny Alasdair Beckett-King.

Did he get your area right? These responses show how much people enjoyed it.

Mr nick bridged the gap between the original map and the funny update.

Should you in any way doubt Alasdair’s expertise on these matters, this should put those thoughts to bed.

You can follow him on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook – or support his comedy here.

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Source Alasdair Beckett-King H/T r/MapPorn Image Alasdair Beckett-King, stevepb on Pixabay