‘The Guy Who Decides’ hilariously lays bare all the pitfalls of hotel rooms

If you either choose or are forced to use hotels on a frequent basis, comedian Jimmy Rees’ sketch on the topic might give you flashbacks, because he’s nailed everything that’s wrong with them.

Listen and learn with The Guy Who Decides.

“You have to put your key card in the stupid plastic arsehole on the wall to make the power go on.”

Probably the best description of that gadget you’ll ever hear. Here’s what people thought.

The bath/shower tap arrangements are so true. You need a degree to work out how to work them.
Stephanie Cole

😂😂😂 yes the kettle NEVER fits under the tap! 😂

Can you tell Jimmy has just been on tour?
Daniel Ryan

I think we have stayed in that room!😂😂😂
Donna Johansson

OMG the ironing board and the sheets got me😂 so accurate😅

I just don’t like thinking about what exactly is on those tv remotes, I mean am I the only one that’s watched C.S.I???
Art With Heart

Being a Hotel Manager this is so accurate and good luck phoning through to reception because we may or may not answer the phone!

A YouTube user named BluePhoenix might have been better off not watching the sketch.

I haven’t stayed in a hotel for a few years… now I hope I never have to again 😂😂

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