Surely the most entertaining thing you’ve seen someone do with a nail gun

Nail guns aren’t typically the sort of thing you associate with entertainment, outside of the occasional horror movie.

So we don’t feel like we’re sticking out neck out too far by suggesting this is the most entertaining thing you’ll see someone do with a nail gun, at least this week.

It scores pretty highly on the feelgood factor too.

Nailed it.

‘Nigel [the drummer], your timing is off! Bring in the nail-gun guy.’

‘He’s not doing it as not to disturb them, he’s a part of the band! Hell of a percussion section!’

‘How many opportunities do you get to tune to a band while working in the sun?!’

‘Fast forward ⏩a year later and this craftsman is performing with the percussion section. Win Win.’

‘Best part is he isn’t recording it on his phone so he can brag about it on social media, he’s just doing it because it’s the nice thing to do.’

‘Probably a fun way to do his job too. Not everyday there’s an entire band banding along for you as background music during your work.’


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Source Reddit u/Morgentau7