This hotel’s outrageous response to a poor review is a proper jaw-dropper

We’ve featured no end of unfair one-star reviews on these pages and the brilliant responses by shops and other businesses which put them firmly in their place.

Well this particular hotel has just gone viral because it’s reply to a disappointed guest’s poor review wasn’t clever – it was simply outrageous.

‘Hotel keeps my deposit because I left a poor review on,’ said Redditor coreybeavers1999.

And it proved most relatable for plenty of other people on Reddit.

‘I have had sellers on Amazon who owed me a refund, but saw my review (accurate, the reason I had to return was they listed the product wrong) and they held it ‘hostage.’

‘Saying stuff like ‘we can process your refund once you remove the review.’

‘Contacted Amazon immediately and the took care of the vendor.’

‘I just checked the reviews on google, very entertaining lol I’m amazed at how they’re still in business, the owners replies to some of them are extremely unprofessional.’

‘You know your hotel is shitty when you return customer deposits only when they give a good reviews.’

‘Calls you a snowflake, but gets upset at a single bad review … bruh.’


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Source Reddit u/coreybeavers1999