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Atheist dad jokes will show you the way

The wonderful u/beerbellybegone, who has a great eye for funny stuff on the internet, has shared this brief exchange between an atheist and – well – a theist.

There’s never a bad time for a dad joke, and you’ll never convince us otherwise.

We can debate the failings of GPS some other time, but in the meantime, these comments from Redditors really got into the spirit of it.

God always seems to have the exact same opinions as the religious person does anyway so we atheists just cut out the middle man.

I just wish I knew how to get tax-free status without imaginary friends.

I was asked “As an atheist, how do you live without morals?”

There’s something truly freeing about not believing in god or satan…every super religious person I’ve met looks fuckin’ miserable.

Do religious people feel lost and confused without the existence of god?

CouncilmanTrevize recalled an apt quote.

Reminds me of a great line from the old movie The Ruling Class. Peter O’Toole’s character thinks he’s god and another character asks him how he knew. He responded, “I found that whenever I prayed, I was talking to myself”.

ElectricalStrain1028 had this suggestion.

GPS. God Positioning System.

Just like in the Bible –

I am the Waze, the truth and the life.

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