Alex Jones being told how epically his lawyers messed up is a supremely satisfying watch

This fabulous instant of karma is obviously only a fraction of the payback Alex Jones deserves, but at least it’s a start.

It’s the moment the far-right conspiracy theorist was told at his defamation trial how his lawyers had ‘messed up’ by sharing with his legal adversaries ‘every text message’ he had written in the past two years.

The messages contradict claims by Jones that he had nothing on his phone relating to the deadly Sandy Hook school shooting, which he has long maintained was a hoax and is now facing a claim for at least $150m in damages.

And here are just a few of the many things people were saying about it.

“[Sinister chuckle]…..yes Mr. Jones, indeed.”

‘This attorney is straight livin’ the dream here. Living out every lawyer’s wildest fantasies.’

“Your attorney messed up”

‘Something you never want to hear, let alone while sitting on the stand, lol.’

‘Feel bad for that lawyer, his “gotcha” moment was ruined by Alex Jones being too dumb to understand how bad his situation actually is.’

‘That moment when opposing counsel reminds you of your fifth amendment right lol.’

‘He got Alex Jones sweating. Lol.’

To conclude …

And finally, from @ChinnyVision, one for British readers of a certain age …


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Source Reddit u/werdmouf