The Spectator said women ruined Mock the Week and Rachel Parris responded best

The BBC has called time on comedy panel show Mock The Week after a 17 year, 21 series run, which is great going by anyone’s standards.

You might have seen host Dara Ó Briain’s fabulous takedown of Andrew Neil after the Spectator chairman shared one of the magazine’s articles saying the BBC2 show deserved to be cancelled.

The article, such as it was, said there were two reasons why it wasn’t as good as it used to be. Here’s just a bit of what it had to say …

‘First, in 2014, the BBC issued the injunction that its comedy panel shows could no longer have all-male line-ups. The result, as with all anti-meritocratic mandates, was that the quality was compromised, and consequently, in this case, the humour.

‘This is not to say that women aren’t intrinsically as funny as men. It’s just that the specific form of comedy that Mock the Week embodies, stand-up, is particularly suited to the masculine temperament: it’s competitive, aggressive, cruel, rude, crude and offensive.

‘The second event was the Brexit referendum of 2016, when, in unison, the makers, guests and whooping audience of the show exposed their snobbish Remainer tendencies.’

That’s quite enough of that.

And it was to the first of these that the great Rachel Parris – new Late Night Mash presenter and occasional Mock the Week panellist – turned her attention, and she surely says it best.

Amen to that.

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