This outrageously entitled customer’s one-star review got just the response it deserved

Outrageously entitled customer of the day goes this person who left a one-star review for this restaurant complaining that they put you on hold and never come back.

Which might sound like a legitimate complaint until the restaurant fills you in with exactly what happened in their 10/10 response.

A proper jaw-dropper.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t hire people who are going to do that!”

“Please provide me their medical documents and free appetizer.”

“Ma’am you are blocking the ambulance” -EMT

‘I absolutely love when establishments destroy people in such a professional format and sound so polite while doing so.’

‘That’s the beauty of written responses to things. Way easier to to write in a tone different than how you are feeling than to express it verbally – especially in person. It still baffles me when I see a coworker send a frantic or angry email that clearly shows that they are triggered.’

To conclude …

‘It’s okay sometimes to fire the customer.’


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Source Reddit u/rnountdiablo