This woman’s takedown of her sister-in-law who always forgets her wallet had everyone cheering

There’s a corner of Reddit called ‘am I the asshole?’ in which people turn to their fellow Redditors to make sure they’d done the right thing.

And this particular tale – of a sister-in-law who never brings her wallet to the restaurant – went wildly viral because people loved it so much.

It was posted by Slow-Pianist-4431 who asked: ‘AITA for bringing my SIL’s wallet to the restaurant when she conveniently always forgets it?’

And the overwhelming verdict? ‘Not the asshole.’

‘NTA but you totally should have flipped the switch- left your wallet at home- only brought your licence so she had to cover the whole bill then never taken her out to a restaurant again.’

‘Wish I thought of that 😂.’

‘She made the reservation and invited you. Etiquette says she would be responsible for 100% of that bill.


‘NTA. Awesome power move. But when is your husband gonna step up and make her pay her share?’

‘Stop eating out with her. When she makes a reservation. Tell her to have a nice evening and DoorDash yourself a nice meal.’


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Source Reddit u/Slow-Pianist-4431