‘What kids’ commercials were like in the 90s’ is brutally accurate

Canadian comedian and actor, Ryan George, is an essential follow over on YouTube and TikTok, where his hilarious sketches include a comedic reimagining of ‘firsts’.

Like The First Guy To Ever Rob A Bank.


The First Guy To Ever Rob A Bank

♬ original sound – Ryan George

That’s not all he does, though. For example, in this sketch, he’s absolutely nailed the tone of TV commercials aimed at children in the 90s – apart from the very end. That’s just hindsight.

It’s true. Kids do love playing with the thingy – and it’s usually the most expensive and difficult to track down thingy that they only tell you about once they’ve sold out in all the shops.

The accuracy of how commercials just trash-talked parents and overhyped toys that would get broken in less than a day is on point 😂.
Camila Roman

All that was missing was the overly elaborate setting for the commercial (waterfall, beach, mountain top, rainforest) that made all of the lame toys look so much cooler.
Patrick Delperdang

As an 80s kid, this was incredibly accurate… Even the part about how my dad was actively involved in making housing prices unaffordable.
Keith WS

The only thing missing from this commercial is a glow in the dark thingy. ❤️

I remember they even did this with cereal.

Dad struck back with a vengeance while playing the long game!
Prôjêkt Kæås – Sean Lee Riggs

I love how those adverts never seemed to realise that adults were the ones buying the thingies.
Gosh Strıke

A YouTube user named Eric Masden enjoyed the nostalgia – up to a point.

As a child of the 90’s, I just experienced a roller coaster of emotions. Nostalgia trip from the toys of my youth, to being too old to “get it”, to not being able to afford a house. Great video…I guess…real funny…in that it was funny…and then real.

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