This Trump supporter is so close to getting it (and yet so far) it’s hilarious

As you will no doubt have seen by now, Donald Trump has defended any classified documents he may or may not have had at his Mar-a-Lago estate by saying that as president he could declassify something just by thinking it.

And it naturally got people thinking, well if Trump believes he can declassify stuff just by thinking it, what could other presidents do? Like, could Joe Biden just classify them again?

But this Trump supporter wasn’t buying it, and he was so close to getting it – and yet so far – it’s hilarious, as shared on the corner of Reddit called ‘self aware wolves’

And here are just a few of the things people said about it.

‘The fact that Trumpers are actually defending the “Mind Declassification” hogwash is the worst thing I’ll read on the internet today.’

‘The problem with trumpists is, in my observations, they’re in too deep. They really can’t turn back now. There is a resounding commonality among them that they’ve lost entire friend groups, some they’ve had for a very long time. They’ve been cut off by family members. They’ve lost jobs. They’ve doubled down over and over again.

‘They have to reach for and cling on to any explanation, no matter how far fetched, to justify all of that. Otherwise everyone else was not only right, but justified in their actions towards them.

‘And if they were so obviously, tremendously wrong about that, when so many people around them pushed back so hard on their “beliefs;” What other beliefs of theirs could be wrong?

‘It’s a thread they don’t want pulled, a jenga block they won’t remove, and a card they can’t take out of the house – or everything comes crashing down.

‘They’re in too deep.’

‘I like my mental pretzels with extra salt!!’

‘These gymnastics are making me thirsty!’


Donald Trump says he could declassify documents just by thinking it – 17 telepathic takedowns

Source Reddit u/IzK