This repair shop’s response to a 1-star review ended in the most brutal fashion

Early contender for comeback of the week is this repair shop’s response to a customer who left a 1-star review, complaining they’d been ripped off over a tumble dryer.

The business’s 4-part response is both forensic and a masterclass in restraint. Until it gets to point four, that is …


‘Number 4 is just vicious.’

‘Chills: Number 4. Divorce proceedings. The last thing you want in the response to your internet review for a business is a mention about your divorce proceedings. But as it turns out, that might be what you get.’

‘How many of the persons 118 reviews do you think are above 3*?’

‘1, her divorce lawyer.’

‘My kid was sick so I took them to the doctor four months ago. I wonder how they’re doing now.’

‘I’ve been on the receiving end of a negative and false review, and it so infuriating …

‘Had a client we built a computer for, who kept breaking it and telling us it was a “lemon”, and wanted a refund. It wasn’t, and they didn’t get one. All the failures and damages were caused by the user, and we documented that.

‘After a few (overly courteous) free repairs we did, we told them we would have to start charging for repairs, and they insisted that they deserved a full refund of their money and an apology for wasting their time.

‘We said “no, that’s not how this works”, so they threatened legal action with a (probably fake) letter from their “attorney.” We ignored them, knowing that we’d be fine in small claims court because we did everything by the book, and had proof of it. If anything, they owed us for the first few repairs we did (free of charge) out of the kindness of our hearts.

‘Best you can really do is just tell the truth and hold onto your records. People are reasonably intelligent, and can smell it when someone’s trying to bilk another with lies.’


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Source Reddit u/ruove