Brian Cox’ passionate Question Time criticism of Liz Truss is a truly glorious watch

Thursday night’s Question Time panel was asked something that has been the subject of much debate for several weeks.

Conservative cabinet member Nadhim Zahawi and failed Conservative parliamentary candidate and businessman Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones were predictably positive.

Actor Brian Cox, star of the RSC and NT, as well as many films and the award-winning TV series Succession, had a different view.

We’re not at a time when we can afford these kind of mistakes. We’re in a very crucial position.

We simply can’t afford these kind of mistakes and they’re being made time and time and time again – and it’s got to stop.

His words went down well in the studio and online.

It wasn’t the only thing he had to say about the prime minister. Watch the audience nod along to this condemnation.

It could have been a lot less safe for work.

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