Comeback of the day

Leading contender for comeback of the day is this, an exchange which was begun by someone who was inordinately bothered by the use of the pronoun ‘they’.

And it culminated in a NSFW comeback which was nothing short of spectacular.

“They” learned something today,’ said beerbellybegone who shared it over on Reddit.

Mega oof.

‘They really gave it to them!’

‘We should all go back to archaic speech, thee-ing and thou-ing people.’

‘Next time this comes up, mention that “You” used to be exclusively plural. And as evidence that this conversation isn’t new, here’s a 17th century rant against using “you” as anything but plural.’

Again, the corrupt and unsound form of speaking in the plural number to a single person, you to one, instead of thou, contrary to the pure, plain, and single language of truth, thou to one, and you to more than one, which had always been used by God to men, and men to God, as well as one to another, from the oldest record of time till corrupt men, for corrupt ends, in later and corrupt times, to flatter, fawn, and work upon the corrupt nature in men, brought in that false and senseless way of speaking you to one, which has since corrupted the modern languages, and hath greatly debased the spirits and depraved the manners of men;—this evil custom I had been as forward in as others, and this I was now called out of, and required to cease from.
-Thomas Elwood (1639–1714)



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Source Reddit u/beerbellybegone