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This burn was top class but Redditors’ reactions were a hilarious free-for-all

Surely everybody enjoys a good sassy comeback, as long as they’re not on the receiving end, and this one shared by u/abaganoush on r/PoliticalHumor is up there with the best.

It centred on a post about Columbus Day, which is marked on the second Monday in October as a federal holiday in the US. Due to the violent history of Columbus’ involvement in the colonisation of the Americas, the holiday has been replaced in some states by Indigenous People’s Day.

You can probably imagine the type of people who get angry about it.

from Donald Trump GIFs via Gfycat

When one Columbus Day fan posted about it on Facebook, the response they got was an impressively historical burn.

Redditors joined in the mockery, although not where the original poster could see it, unfortunately.

Personally, I told my neighbor that I had discovered his land and that he had the weekend to pack up and leave my new property.

Maybe they can walk around crowded places with COVID.

Call the employees Indians.

Or …. go to Dollar General and think you’re at Walmart?

And declare it “India” for no obvious reason.

Seriously, what kind of chowderhead “discovers” a continent with millions of people in it? Like I “discovered” Disneyland when I was 5.

I claim the produce department and demand they show me where the gold is.

u/Randinator was happy to ignore the problematic history because their eyes were on a specific prize.

Idgaf just let me have the day off.

Oh – just one more thing, from u/GrubHO

Do Peter Falk cosplay.

Close, but no cigar.

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