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People are just discovering how Greggs’ bags help make them more accessible and they totally love it

Ahh, Greggs. The bakery chain that’s always there for you when you’re at a loose end on a lunch break. Who hasn’t been tempted to indulge in its range of delicious baked goods now and then?

Well, besides offering a tasty selection of pasties, slices and sausage rolls, Greggs also appears to be something of an accessibility pioneer. And it’s all thanks to the patterns that are etched into its pastry products.

This remarkable discovery was made by X (formerly known as Twitter) user Harri AKA @WonderpusGospel after she studied the information printed on a Greggs paper bag.

Harri, who is an accessibility lead at Limit Break Mentorship, was impressed by how each pastry could be determined by the feel of its pattern alone.


It’s a fascinating detail, and one that impressed fellow Greggs customers.

Of course, with the internet being the internet, it wasn’t long until people started to question whether or not this was a deliberate move towards accessibility by Greggs. Thankful, with her knowledge of the topic, Harri was on hand to clear things up.

Whoever it was intended for, it seems people have really got a taste for it.

Source @WonderpusGospel