This outrageously irritating letter to a new neighbour got just the responses it deserved

There’s an entirely self-explanatory corner of Reddit called ‘mildly infuriating’ where this letter has just gone wildly viral.

But ‘mildly infuriating’ doesn’t do the half of it.

It was shared by a family who had just moved into their new home, a letter that was sent to them by their neighbours because, well, best let them explain for themselves.

‘Family just moved in. Got this letter. Left couch out for trash. Kids play in front yard,’ said Redditor ArnieismyDMname.

Just in case that’s tricky to read …

‘Dear new neighbor

‘We have all lived in this neighborhood for most of us over 20 years. We all have meetings and talk to each other.

‘We are happy your [sic] here but you already look like you don’t care what your yard looks like. Swingsets belong in the backyard and PLEASE Remove that eyesore of a couch OFF the curb. Our neighborhood does not need to look like a trailer park.

‘We’re not sure where you moved from but we are certain there were dumpsters on the way that you could have dumped the couch. It looks trashy already!

‘Please be considerate of us who keep our yards trash free.

‘Remove the Couch! This is not a junkyard.’

And it got entirely the responses it deserved …

‘What a great way to greet a new neighbor.’

‘Grab a red pen, correct all the errors, and just give it back to them.’

‘Don’t forget to grade it too!’

‘There is an extremely high chance the person who wrote this is actively despised by the rest of the neighborhood already.’

‘Bold enough to write the letter but not bold enough to act like an adult.’

Fortunately not everyone’s like this …

‘When my fiancé and I were renovating, we got a similar letter from an elderly neighbor because we had some materials in our yard over the span of a few days.

‘I started to apologize to our other neighbors and let them know our project was over and that we were planning a trip to the dump the following day. None of them cared.

‘Our other neighbor noticed we didn’t have a truck and asked how we were going to get the materials there.

‘Then, he actually helped us load HIS truck with our stuff and he and my fiancé took it to the dump together the next day.

‘It was very neighborly and kind. We appreciated the gesture so much. He wouldn’t take our money but he did let us pay him in beer, lol.’


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Source Reddit u/ArnieismyDMname