There’s something incredibly satisfying about this project under construction at a forge

We’re not sure what it is about this video of a project under construction at a forge that’s had people mesmerised, but they’ve been sitting through the two minutes and 40 seconds and commenting in droves.

See how long it takes you to work out what they’re making.

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Is there an ASMR element to it? Perhaps it’s just good to see a job well done.

In case you still weren’t sure, it’s a demonstration of a smith making a wheel for a train, which are machine made for precision these days.

This is what TikTok users had to say about it.

The forbidden wheel of cheese.

Oh, so that’s how they make hot metal circles.
Ian James

The EXTREMELY long and difficult process it takes to make one measly Lifesaver.
Mr. Universe 731c

This is my upstairs neighbour when I lived in a second floor apartment.
💎 Jules 💎

Who here also has the insane impulse to want to touch the pretty colours?🔥🔥

Quite a few people, including @killjoy, said something like this.

I have absolutely no idea what’s happening in this video but i’ve watched it 3 times because it scratches an itch in my brain.

But our favourite hot take came from Jen Hamilton‘s son.

“Is that how they make cheezits?”


There’s something really satisfying about how this monkey preps green beans

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