Dan Snow had the best response to the Daily Mail’s ‘1 in 6 born overseas’ front page

The never knowingly welcoming Daily Mail put on its front page today the statistic that one in six of people living in the UK were born overseas.

The paper reported the ‘dramatic shift’ was ‘partly driven by a surge in Romanians’ and said it would renew pressure on the government to take back control of the country’s borders.

Surely that happened with Brexit?

And while it prompted lots of memorable responses, like this one for instance …

… the best – the very best – went to historian, author and TV presenter Dan Snow – @thehistoryguy on Twitter – who said this.

Beautifully done, @thehistoryguy.

And just to be clear, he wasn’t talking about this part of the front page.

And also these people.

And this person.

And just for a little bit more context …

The end.

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Source Twitter @thehistoryguy