This dog’s response to its unlikely wake-up call is today’s most relatable thing

We’ve never related more with a dog than we did watching this.

Not entirely sure about the context but it’s not strictly necessary.

‘Just want to say hi,’ said benzihex who shared the video over on Reddit.

Next time that dog goes to sleep he’ll be turning round 300 times, never mind three.

‘When an Armored tank nearly runs over you napping.’

‘If I woke up with a rhino looking down on me, I’d get the f**k out as well.’

‘Tank puppy was just saying hi.’

‘My idiot chihuahua with five teeth would try to fight that rhino.’

‘That must be a fun neighborhood where rhinos can just freely roam around. Like, imagine a world where giraffes can just walk over your house.’

‘Sir this is a roadside walkway, I’m concerned for your…..

‘WTF is that holy shit holy shit holy shit.’

‘dog saw his entire life* through his eyes in that moment.’

‘That Rhino must be quiet with the padded footing and all but…

‘That dog can sleep through a multi ton animal approaching, yet none of mine can stay asleel if i sneak to thr kitchen for a snack…



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Source Reddit u/benzihex