This hideously shouty boss’s fondness for bold and italics (and caps lock) got just the responses it deserved

It’s not often good news when you get a message from the boss, so it’s only natural if your heart doesn’t exactly leap when their latest missive arrives in your in-box.

But imagine clicking open only to find that this is the way they like to communicate, an absolute horror show that has just gone viral on Reddit for reasons that will become obvious.

‘This is how my husband’s [general manager] speaks to him and the other managers,’ said nursedidi25 who shared it.

I’m sorry, could you say that again? Didn’t quite catch it.

‘He was given a Bold and Italic button and by god he is going to use them!’

‘God help us if he ever discovers he can change font and color …’

‘I like how he ended the rant by reminding everyone to “be professional.”’

‘The “I’m not singling anyone out” line is precisely the problem. Dude needs to grow a pair and have difficult closed door conversations with the one or two people that need it. Putting everyone on blast is only going to make things worse.

‘Keep threatening to fire everyone and you won’t have anyone left to fire.’

‘Yes because berating your employees will definitely make them want to do a better job.’

‘Constructive feedback and reminders can be given without the insults. Very poor managment skills IMHO.’

‘Reply all.

“Get your 7 year old to cover my shifts. I quit.”


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Source Reddit u/nursedidi25