‘First time I went by myself. Today I took my husband. Spot the difference.’

We’re not sure this counts as ‘everyday sexism’. Outrageous, more like, the difference in the way this woman was treated when she went to get her car washed alone, and when she went with her husband.

It’s both brief and speaks volumes, so many volumes.

‘The first time I went by myself. Today I took my husband with me. Spot the difference,’ said Redditor sciencemint on the subReddit ‘mildly infuriating’ for reasons which will become apparent.

And it got just the responses it deserved (and prompted people to share their tales of something similarly awful happening to them).

‘Post that shit on Google reviews.’

‘Thanks I did.’

‘On our way back from the beach this summer, we stopped at a Wendy’s. Our ticket showed my name as “Pretty With No Smile.”’

‘Sometimes, I think my wife only keeps me around to avoid harassment. lol.’

‘I don’t understand how people think this makes anyone feel anything other than uncomfortable.’

‘What did the first dude texting you think you were gonna do, text him back about how you’ve been missing out on him your whole life? 🤣’

And just in case you had this thought …

‘There would not have been a second one for me. I would have found a different car wash.’

‘Unfortunately I live in a big town/small city where we are the middle of an extreme drought so we have very intense water restrictions – 50 L per day per person – so very limited options from places that use “gray water.”’


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Source Reddit u/sciencemint