This restaurant boss banned staff from taking sick leave and got just the responses they deserved

You might already be familiar with the corner of Reddit called ‘antiwork’ which is full of tales of awful employers who you’ll be very glad you don’t work for.

And this one is right up there with the very best. By which we mean worst, obviously.

Just when you think it can’t possibly get any more awful … well, best have a read for yourself.

‘Not mine, but my friend shared this with me. I’m posting with permission. This was a mass email sent by her upper management 🤯,’ said jschnell3d.

And it got just the responses it deserved.

‘Seriously? They want sick people to be cooking and serving food? This person sounds like a total ass.’

‘Bring that dead dog through the front of the restaurant loudly proclaiming “excuse me folks I have to get this dead dog into the kitchen for my boss!”

‘Why is never missing a day something to be proud of? DO you get it written on your tombstone when you drop dead at 50?’

‘It is literally impossible to total your car and still be at work on time unless you were going to be 2 hours early … waiting for cops to come and fill reports, take your info, etc takes time … you don’t get to just leave your car and be like Olive Garden needs me!’

“People not being here is killing us! So if you don’t want to be here, we will get rid of you and have checks notes LESS EMPLOYEES.”

And there was this ultimate payoff – according to this report the person who sent it was subsequently fired.

So now they have taken a day off.


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