‘POV: You’re a billionaire’ is so funny – but not at all relatable

Jimmy Rees‘s unique supermarket cashier is back, with an absolutely savage take on billionaires. Not a specific billionaire – just billionaires in general. Any resemblance to a billionaire living or dead is purely coincidental and cannot be used in a lawsuit.

Stick around for the outtakes. Oh, and it gets a little NSFW.

Ah, that unmistakable scent of Musk. 😂
Rebecca Tompkins

Thank the Lord I’m not a billionaire they sound so snobby, I’d just like to be a millionaire 👍
Lone Wolf

LMFAO…life according to Jimmy…always funny 🤣 🤣 🤣
Leanne Wheeler

I don’t think I’ll ever relate to this 😢

Tax? Oh nah! Taxpayers funding their non paying of tax and philanthropy. Beep beep beep.

We hope Dr Alex Koefman was foreshadowing with this comment.

If this guy writes a secret to life book I’ll read it.


‘POV: You’re from London’

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