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The sheer audacity of this so-called influencer’s scrounging is breathtaking

A Redditor named u/DownerW has shared some top-level scrounging on the r/ChoosingBeggars forum.

It’s a familiar tale of an ‘influencer’ trying to get freebies in exchange for exposure.

Brace yourself for the audacity.

The title of the post was dripping with sarcasm.

2 hours of footage and 1000 photos and discounts for followers for exposure bucks seems like a fair deal to me.

Other Redditors were just as impressed.

Just so you’re aware we’re also trying to scam other businesses. Be the first.

“We want something for free plus we’ll let our followers pay less for your services. Sounds like an amazing opportunity!”

How nice! Give me a load of stuff for free, and I might post about you and give other people a discount on your service (that I didn’t pay for).

I really don’t think they actually know what influencer means.

“My client”.

You can die of exposure.

55k is not anything great compared to other “well known” influencers. However this person seems to think it is and just from reading this I can already imagine what a nightmare she would be to work with. The real bridezilla.

u/JimmyJooush had a suggested response.

Write them back and tell them with such a low number of followers their client can pay you and extra 25% of your normal fee and you’ll heavily promote them on your website.

u/complete_manic suggested a different one. A little less safe for work.

“Fuck off” seems like an appropriate fast response.

But the real reply was even better.

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