The way this harpist deals with a shopper accusing her of ‘begging’ is next level stuff

Jaw-dropping exchange of the day is surely this, an amazing harpist accused of begging by this shopper and, well best have a watch for yourself.

That little flurry at the end was sheer perfection.

As were these responses which surely all hit the right note after the video went viral in the corner of Reddit called ‘facepalm’.

‘She is so polite!’

‘Damn beggars, I particularly hate those online beggars that record their music and have the cheek to ask people to pay to listen!’

‘The worst are the beggers that force large groups of people to congregate in stadiums with overpriced drinks.’

If you want to hear more of the harpist, her name is Robyn Heart.

And finally, this.

‘The woman off-camera sounds like someone from Monty Python.’

‘Old Woman: You’re a begga ol right. And we’re an autonomous collective.

‘Performer: I’m not a beggar, I’m a performer.

‘Old woman: look at who she thinks she is. A performer eh, I don’t see much of an audience. How did you become a performer then?

‘Performer: The Lady of the River gave me this harp and made me a performer.

‘Old man: Strange women lying in swamps is no way to pick a career.’

Source Reddit u/FlickeringComputing