Absolutely nothing this guy claims about periods is correct

A religious TikToker named elohim396 managed to incur the wrath and scorn of pretty much everyone who watched his last video – and by ‘last’ we mean the one that he posted last before deleting his account.

The original video may be gone, but it’ll be a long time before it’s forgotten – mainly due to the stitches.

Sarah Schauer leant right into it with some top-class sarcasm.

@sarahschauer #stitch with @iamelohim396 ♬ I Got 5 On It – Tethered Mix from US – Michael Abels & Luniz

Gynaecologist Karen Tang shared the facts.

@karentangmd #stitch with @iamelohim396 I…OK 🤣 #gynecologist #periodfacts ♬ I Got 5 On It – Tethered Mix from US – Michael Abels & Luniz

And musical comedian Sarah Hester Ross suggested a way to cut down on one source of internet BS.

@sarahhesterross Mansplaining menstrual cycles? 🤫 ##stopgivingmenmicrophones ♬ Stop Giving Men Microphones – Sarah Hester Ross

Here’s what TikTok users thought of his misconceptions.

I think he’s confusing periods with leap years.
Erika Schuman

If there was a diet that gave us only one period every 4 years we would ALL be doing it.
Princess Hockey

He thinks menstruation is like the Olympics?

Does he not get how women get pregnant? Cuz wouldn’t all children have been four years apart then?
Charis Barrins

Is he genuinely confused about the term weeks and years?!?! like, does he know when to pay his bills on time?? 😂

I desperately need to know where he got this information because I’m almost scared by how confident he was.

Literally laughing myself into my next unnecessary cycle.

Really? When did this happen because I have complaints then…who do I address about these monthly periods? I’d like to speak with the period manager 😂

Dunning-Kruger is STRONG with this one.
Ross Childs

We probably can’t discount this theory from Victoria Hood.

He saw the “men” in menstrual and said “that makes me an expert”.


Man tells women how to manage their periods – gets the response he deserves

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