When you try to help – but end up making it worse

Bad things happen to good people – including those excitedly bringing flowers for their wives. Watch how this slippery accident gets even worse at the end. Sound up.



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He wanted to surprise his wife. Well, mission accomplished, but not as much as she surprised him.

Touch down 🏈😁

This will be one of their best memories.

He died twice on the same steps!
Lloyd Morman

Well it ended romantically cuddling together on a snowy day 😅
Teresa Ormsby

Honestly this video they get to keep forever is better than the flowers 😂
Jen Tan

I didn’t think it was gonna get worse.. and it DID.
Blue the Husky

I’m sorry I can’t stop laughing😂
Liz m

You can see the moment his soul leaves his body😂

Amber 😊 and a lot of other people had the same reaction.

The more I watch it the funnier it gets 😂😂😂


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