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These furious 1-star reviews have gone viral again and it’s clearly hilarious

These aren’t the only 1-star Amazon reviews we’ve featured on these pages, but they might be the funniest.

It’s a series of furious responses from people who bought this particular product and they’ve just gone viral again for reasons that will become obvious.

‘Please can someone shut down the internet,’ said AvailableCandidate61 who shared it over on Reddit.

Let’s hope that’s now clear.

‘Whoever is this stupid, should not be operating what ever requires a shield.’

‘Sadly you’re talking about the majority of the human population. Nearly 30 years in customer service jobs have firmly taught me this fact.’

‘I bought a neck massager as a gift for someone despite bad reviews about the thing not turning on. You have to hold the power button for three seconds. You see where this is going.

‘Like 20% of the people who bought it didn’t read the instructions to point 1, and then when pressing the button briefly didn’t work tried nothing else.’

“I’ve tried nothing and am all out of ideas”.

‘That’s why it’s important to actually browse the reviews. Lots of negative reviews have nothing to do with the product or people just being dumb.

‘Tons of 1-star reviews are for shipping issues like late or damaged products. Nothing to do with the actual products.’

‘The best reviews are of the “I ordered this, but it hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t help you” variety.’

‘Q: “Will the band on this extend to fit?”

‘A: “I dont know I bought it for my grandson Jeremy for his birthday 2 weeks and 3 days ago he lives in Cleghorn Wisconsin I’ll ask him when he gets home from school” posted by Phyllis123.

Source Reddit u/AvailableCandidate61