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There was an attempt to dunk on Atheists and the comeback was unbelievable

There’s a list of people who are always accused of sharing the thing they think makes them special, uninvited and often shortly after meeting. It includes vegans, the left-handed, triathletes, BMW drivers, air-fryer owners and Atheists.

u/Jamayak shared what happened when someone tried to pluck the low-hanging fruit of a joke based on that stereotype.

from Andy Samberg GIFs via Gfycat

We’d have liked to see how they came back from that, but they probably still haven’t.

Some people, like u/Dad_in_Plaid thought the comeback actually made the joker’s point.

They just proved the op’s point by telling them they were atheist.

Most Reddit users leant right into the takedown.

And the Atheist government forcing me to pray to the Atheist science every morning just because I live in an Atheist country- ugh!

I hate how the moto of my country is “in science we trust”. I don’t!

Yeah smh hate when the Atheists continually keep showing at my house trying to convert me to Atheism 😒

Man, I didn’t know we were doing that! I’m always the last to know about the coolest Atheist stuff 🙁

Remember back in the middle ages when Atheists held back the progression of science and art by hundreds of years because they felt it went against their lack of a belief in god?

Now my atheist tattoo makes this awkward.

Don’t forget all the professional athletes who thank their Atheist saviour for their victory, record or performance.

u/Tony_Stark_0 turned the joke on its head.

Know how you find a theist?

They’ll try to burn your government to the ground and install an Authoritarian Theocracy in it’s place

They’ll force their theism on you and threaten to kill you unless you comply

They’ll take away womens’ rights and use them as breeding stock

They’ll justify every awful thing they do as “””God’s Will”””.

Tony needs to get off the fence and tell us what he really thinks.


Comeback of the day

Source r/clevercomebacks Image Hulki Okan Tabak on Unsplash