A massive WTF at the person who didn’t realise they needed to swim for a snorkeling holiday

Reddit user u/CuteTPi has been shaking their head at this Tripadvisor review, and once you see it – so will you.

‘Didn’t realize that he’d need to know how to swim on a SNORKELING tour.’

This was the holiday.

‘Priding ourselves on small & local, we will go out in intimate groups of no more than 10 (usually less) & roam Maui’s top snorkel destination, The wild reef @Turtle Town with our high end gear (no leaky masks!).

Our professional guides will guide you while you gently swim with Hawaii’s sacred Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles (Honu’s), chase tropical fish, swim alongside lush coastlines, and hang out as friends as we enjoy the ocean & snap high quality photos and videos of your crew (free!).’

Now that we’ve set the scene, we present …the review.

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Someone from the holiday provider posted this response.

“Please re-read guest requirements. It clearly states in the description you must be able to swim 50 yards. I wish I could attach a screenshot to show you. You were extremely panicky in the water & were not able to snorkel in 3-4 feet of water, it was unsafe for us to take you into deeper water. Sorry for your bad experience but, again, it does state you must be able to swim.”

We don’t know if the reviewer will ever see these reactions, but their ears must have been burning as they were posted.

Why would they even waste $119+ on snorkeling if they were going to freak out in waters that shallow?? 😭

If reading was required they should have told them! /s

Reading isn’t for everyone clearly but I wouldn’t even have to read it to know when snorkeling you need to swim dumbass.

What the fuck did he think snorkeling was?

I worked at a snorkel tour place for a while and you would not BELIEVE how many people are like this. Some even wanted to scuba dive with us.

“This hiking tour is misleading, nowhere does it state that you must be able to walk!” 🙄

Hmmm. You are totally submerged in Water and don’t think Swimming Might be necessary?

That is called a ‘Drowning Statistic’.

The would-be snorkeler’s inability to read a description came as no surprise to this business owner.

The number of times, I’ve had a customer say “you should give us that information” and I answered “we gave you that information, it was in your confirmation email” and I get a shocked pikachu face. And then, when you carefully give ALL the information at the start, clients are rolling their eyes because the introduction is taking so long. you just can’t win.

And that’s how you get reviews like this one.


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