Full marks and a gold star for this very funny ‘If Other Jobs Were Like Teaching’ sketch

Lee Parkinson, better known as Mr P – @ict_mrp – is a teacher and Education specialist, whose goal is to raise pupil attainment and make primary teachers’ working lives easier and more productive through the creative use of ICT.

He reaches a wide audience including those outside the field of education via his very funny social media sites and the podcast ‘Two Mr Ps in a Pod(Cast)’, which he records with his brother Adam – another teacher.

With strikes by the NEU set to resume next week unless the government makes a serious offer to increase pay and improve conditions, public sympathies remain largely with the teachers – and this might just help keep it that way.

In true TikTok style, Mr P managed to tell us the conditions teachers face – without telling us the conditions teachers face.


If Other Jobs Were Like Teaching Part 1

♬ Spongebob Theme – Unay

“You’re going to have to supply your own coffee beans. Our budget won’t stretch to provide them for you.”

In the words of COFSTED – “Outstanding!”

The sketch got a big tick from viewers.

Wow spot on 😂
Ria Lina

And on Friday when you are done, you need to take 40 empty coffee cups home and rate how well they were drunk, 3 A4 sheet reports per cup will do.
Glen Wales UK

Don’t forget the customer doesn’t actually want to drink the coffee. you have to convince them to.
Cayt Edge

I have never seen the grim realities of the teaching profession summed up in one vid!
The blazing rooster

It’s absolutely insane when you put it like that! What am I doing with my life! 🤦🏼‍♀️
Tammy Cunningham

Need to make 33 coffees at once.

My wife is a teacher and this is scarily accurate 😅 Don’t forget the coffee emails you get sent at home too so you can enjoying making coffee at home.

I knew all this before going for a teaching job which is why I went into engineering.

This is soooo true, I wish it wasn’t part of the reason I no longer teach!😫

Moonstars896 was the perfect audience.

I was a teacher 👩‍🏫 I now work at Costa 😂 honestly.

Here’s Mr P preparing to make 33 coffees at once.


Back to square one!

♬ astronaut in the ocean x dance monkey x fight song – Talon 😀

Treasure the teachers.

You can find more Mr P posts on Twitter, Facebook and more – all accessible via his website. You can also listen to the hilarious podcast wherever you usually do that sort of thing.


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