Cat life – summed up in one man’s resigned facial expression

Brazilian Instagram user Thiago – @JackBauerDF – has given his followers, and everyone else, an insight into what it’s like to be owned by a cat.

His face speaks volumes.

This is a translation of what he had to say about it.

Every day he jumps in the shower and calls me to take a shower so he can enjoy his favourite hot water… even if he has to step on me! 😂 🐈

All the reactions on Instagram are in Portuguese, but a Reddit user named u/RyotoYokoyama posted it on r/AnimalsBeingDerps, and this is what people there had to say about it.

How kind of you to offer your head as a stepping stone to the water, since this poor cat has clearly never had water in his life 😆

One of my cats is like this. Despite the fact that we have a self-refilling bowl with fresh water constantly, he’ll always seek out the bathtub after someone takes a shower and stand under the faucet and meow until you turn it on.

Welcome to my life. No respect I tell ya.

They are so rude?? And they do it cause they can get away with it.

Dude’s expression is priceless.

Bath tap water is the only way my cat will drink.

I want to save this clip and watch it every time I am feeling sad or depressed or otherwise blah. This is pure gold!

This is my favorite video ever. You two are the cutest.

ChampionshipMany2895 said it like it is –

Good cat dad. 👍💖


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