Someone trolled atheists by comparing God to a chef and the comeback was a proper roasting

Leading contender for takedown of the week is surely this, a Christian – presumably – who trolled atheists by comparing God to a chef.

Because the comeback, which has just gone viral on Reddit, was a proper roasting.

‘God is a chef apparently,’ said vintagevixen927


‘And at some point, you’re told to go fix your own food because the chef only cooks for those who cook for themselves.

‘If your food turns out great then glory to the chef, not you. If it turns out poorly then it’s part of the chef’s plans, the chef is trying to teach you something, and you had some failing in yourself, your cooking ability, or your belief in the chef.

‘Meanwhile, no matter how many times you cook, you never see the chef. Food never just appears. Ingredients never just appear.

‘And you’re told that certain foods and prep methods are forbidden cuz reasons.’

‘And in the end you get tired and go home and cook your own food, but the waiter shows up and tells you that you should thank the cook.’

‘Also the waiter has 700 million dollars in the bank.’

Not all waiters, obviously.

Source Reddit u/vintagevixen927 Image Unsplash Jessie McCall