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A Leicester Square vox pop has gone wildly viral thanks to this brilliant answer

Joe Bepo has recently started a TikTok account, in which he intends to document his attempts to market his own business without an advertising budget.

Now, we don’t know exactly what Joe’s business is – yet – but we can say for certain that this attempted vox pop is going to do good things for his profile.

Watch what happened.

@lifeofbepo Bros living the dream 🤣💀#fyp #london ♬ original sound – Joe Bepo

“Would you ever start your own business?”


“Why not?”


How good a response is that? He’s so lazy he doesn’t even use a full sentence.

After just a few days, the video has been viewed five million times and has more than 3,000 comments, including these –

He’s everything and then some.

What a legend.

He passed the vibe check.
Levi Jade

The legend of Leicester Square soon made it onto Twitter.

In three days, at the time of writing, the Twitter version has been viewed almost nine million times and everybody wants to meet the mystery man – and become his best friend.

Here are a few of the many reactions it’s picked up so far.

Then this happened …

via Gfycat

And back on TikTok, Joe Bepo had done his detective work and tracked down Camilla’s publicist, whose name is not Leicester Square Man, but Tom – or on Instagram.

@lifeofbepo Meet Tom, I know you’re going to find his interview HILARIOUS! Stay tuned. Follow him on instagram: #fyp #london #leicestersquare ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

We can guarantee that’s going to be a very well-watched space.


This vox pop really did go out on Newsnight and it’s magnificent

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