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This bizarrely hilarious and painful ‘contest’ will leave you with so many questions

Everyone needs a hobby, but some are more appealing than others. Doing a crossword, playing darts, reading a book, vaping – all perfectly reasonable and understandable activities to keep you amused when you have some free time.

But some people take things a bit further.

Twitter/X account Internet Hall of Fame has shared a video of a couple of bizarrely masked individuals indulging in… well, we’re not entirely sure what they’re indulging in but it looks very painful and very weird.

You’ll be full of questions, the most prominent of which will be ‘WHY?!’

Let’s have a look. And please don’t try this at home.

(Actually – do what you want, we’re not the boss of you).

Ouch! The most impressive part is their silence when receiving their elastic punishment. It’s like Squid Game on a budget.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter.







Not a word of a lie.


Can someone explain why Japanese gameshow ‘Slippery Stairs’ hasn’t made it over here yet?

Source Internet Hall of Fame Image Screengrab